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We have listed the most frequently asked questions about the original line of shademaker umbrellas. If the information below does not cover your question, please email us. We appreciate your feedback and will consider adding your question to this list in the future.

Can I install a shademaker umbrella myself?

The average do-it-yourself home handyman can easily install a residential shademaker in any of the three usual situations: concrete patio, wooden deck or in-ground. Full instructions are provided with each umbrella and more information can be found on in our installation, operations & care section.

For commercial installations of the larger sizes, we recommend having the installation done by a professional builder or contractor.

Where can I buy a shademaker?

Original shademakers are exported to many countries around the world. Your regional distributor will be happy to provide dealer details for your area. Please contact us to locate your distributor or a dealer near you. If we do not have a distributor in your area, you may order your shademaker direct from us. Please email us.

How much wind can a shademaker take?

Original shademakers are made from the finest, highest grade materials and are truly built to last and to stand up to the elements. Wind resistance depends on the individual product and is a guideline only. As with all umbrellas common sense prevails. Please go to products to find more information about wind resistance for each shademakers series.

Will the canopy fabric fade? How durable is it? What colours are available?

Shademakers canopies are custom sewn and individually fit using only the highest grade of fabrics available. Our fabrics are manufacturered from the finest fibres in the world and represent brands we believe to be the very best fabric available on a global level. It is also the fabric of choice in Europe, Australia and New Zealand where protective shade is a necessity. Our premium fabrics are designed for both beauty and durability. Our 100% solution-dyed acrylic canvas has superior colourfastness and shape retention, it is fade,rot and water-resistant. This fabric carries a comprehensive 5 year warranty against material breakdown. Go to fabrics & finishes for more information about canopy fabric choices.

Shademakers are designed to be a long term investment in shade. After the five year mark, if you feel your fabric shows signs of wear, we offer a full selection of replacement canopies at very reasonable prices. You will find that it is easy remove your canopy and replace it with a new one. We see no reason why you will need to replace the umbrella structure, but depending on the climate you live in, you may need to replace your canopy every 5-10 years.

We also offer most other top fabrics that are internationally available, including Recasens, Sunduck, Planosol, Sunbrella, Dickson, in addition to two premium European flame retardant fabrics, Ferrari PVC and Polyplan PVC. Coolaroo 98, the top-of-the line Australian-made breathable shade mesh is another option.

As for the colour range, you choose from a huge range of canopy colours, including beautiful solid colours and stripe designs. We will be happy to try and match your current outdoor furniture colours. Feel free to send us a swatch of your furniture cushion fabric and we will provide you with the best options for matching your existing colour scheme.

Please go to fabrics & finishes for details on each fabric option and to view the colour options for each line.

What does marine grade anodised aluminium mean?

Anodising is the premium finish for aluminium products, offering a unique blend of durability, protection and appearance features. Proven in the harsh New Zealand environment for many years, anodising's superior performance characteristics relative to other finishes, are well established in commercial and residential construction as well as marine and general engineering applications. Visit our fabrics & finishes section for more detailed information on anodised aluminum.

1. Durability
Because anodising is an integral bond to the underlying aluminium extrusion or sheet product, it is will not peel or chip, and its physical and chemical structure makes it very resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

2. Colourfastness
The colour compounds used for the aluminium of original shademakers make colour anodising very stable and will not materially fade or chalk even under New Zealand's harsh UV conditions.

3. Low Maintenance
6 monthly washes with mild detergents (definitely no abrasives, acid or alkaline cleaners) and a nylon bristle brush are all that is typically required in the most coastal or commercial environments.
Visit our fabrics & finishes section for more detailed information on anodised aluminum.

Can I remove my shademaker for storage?

All residential shademakers can easily be removed for storage or, indeed, for moving between locations (eg main residence and holiday home). Specific requirements are covered in installation, operation and care.

How long is the warranty, and what does it cover?

Please go to warranty for specific details.

What advantages does a baseplate offer?

If you want to remove your Sola, Liberty or Luna for storage or use it in more than one location (e.g. different location son your patio or at your beach home), a base plate allows you to remove the spigot too, meaning you don't have a protruding spigot. This is especially important for safety reasons, especially if you have young children. Go to installation, operation and care for more details.

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