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The ultimate outdoor umbrellas - long-lasting, stylish and made to last...

Searching for the perfect commercial outdoor umbrella solution for a distinctive hospitality or commercial setting?  If your objective is to find sun umbrellas that are not only beautiful, but designed to last, we have good news for you.

Please contact our NZ distributor Shade7 Outdoor Umbrellas  for more information about our outdoor umbrella range.

At Shade7, we've designed world class outdoor umbrellas for you. Our international projects have given us an excellent understanding of the sun shade and umbrella market. Our conclusion? Lots of options and a vast range of quality levels.

Discover the ShadeMakers brand of fine outdoor umbrellas, the line of umbrellas that truly stands out. We think you'll agree that this extraordinary line of umbrellas offers everything required for a sophisticated outdoor setting-- exceptional quality, functionality, durability and hard-to-beat beauty.

Internationally proven, this line fuses functionality, style, innovation, and superior craftsmanship. aluminium masts, stainless steel fittings, marine-grade components and the highest grade fabrics combine to create a sporty, elegant look.

Hailed worldwide for their robust construction, stylish appearance and ease of operation, ShadeMakers outdoor umbrellas are truly in a class of their own. We're not afraid to take on the world and are convinced you simply won't find a more sophisticated, attractive and well-constructed shade umbrella.

Our commercial outdoor umbrella line offers five innovative and beautiful umbrella series, each specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of commercial settings. Use our premium mix & match European outdoor fabrics which we match to your cushions and accessories and you'll be on your way to creating the ultimate sun umbrella design.

Shade7 is dedicated to working with design professionals to help choose the right shade umbrellas and fabrics to suit your location, style and shade needs.

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