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Anodised aluminium

Anodized aluminum: the ultimate combination of beauty and longevity

In terms of aesthetics, strength and durability, standard alumimum umbrellas are no match for our marine grade anodized alumimum designs. This tough yet beautiful finish won't peel or chip and is highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion. For a long-lasting umbrella, especially in a harsh UV or coastal environment, let anodized aluminum be your first choice.  

Marine Grade Anodised Aluminum Finish Choices


Each and every shademaker umbrella is constructed of 20 micron anodised aluminum, one of the highest levels of marine grade anodising available. Choose from six anodised aluminum finishes, including natural, champagne, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze and black.

Our standard finish is natural which is included in the price of each shademaker. The remaining finishes are considered custom and are available for an additional charge per umbrella depending on the model, size and quantity ordered

Click here to see samples of the Anoguard colours for mast finishes
Contact us for pricing and timing for custom finishes.

What is Marine Grade Anodised Aluminum?


Marine grade anodising is the premium finish for aluminium products, offering a unique blend of durability, protection and attractive appearance. Proven in the harsh New Zealand environment for many years, anodising’s superior performance characteristics, relative to other finishes, are well established in commercial and residential construction as well as marine and general engineering applications.

Benefit of Marine Grade Anodised Aluminum


1. Durability
Because anodising is an integral bond to the underlying aluminium extrusion, it is will not peel or chip, and its physical and chemical structure makes it very resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

2. Colourfastness
The colour compounds used for the aluminium of original shademakers make colour anodising very stable. Anodised aluminum will not materially fade or chalk even under the harshest UV conditions.

3. Low Maintenance
Six monthly washes with mild detergents (definitely no abrasives, acid or alkaline cleaners) and a nylon bristle brush are all that is typically required in the most coastal or commercial environments.

Anodising Technical Description


Aluminum's unique ability to form a natural, generally self-protective and corrosion-resistant oxide coating in its bare metail state is greatly enhanced by the anodising process. This precision electro-chemical process used for our umbrella masts and arms develops a highly stable and thickness controlled anodised coating which is the integral part of the aluminum product. Whether in its natural metal colour or colured by stable metallic compounds bonded into the anodised coating and sealed to further enhance appearance and performance, the result is a stable, durable and aesthtically superior product.

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